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Kitty Hawk, Pretoria.

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SFT Flight School Pretoria

Kitty Hawk Aerodrome

Update: We now offer onsite accommodation! Contact us for more info!

Superb Flight Training is a small flying school, run by experienced instructors who enjoy sharing their love of flying with students. We all instruct because we enjoy it, and you will find the experience very different from the average commercial flying school - making this one of the top flying schools in Pretoria.

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We offer a personal touch that ensures your journey to obtaining your PPL & CPL as enjoyable as possible. Our aim is to provide a solid basis for your future flying, whether you intend to fly your own aeroplane, airliners or even helicopters. Although we use small fixed wing training aircraft, you will learn perspectives that are not only limited to light planes - We have made a huge effort to expose ourselves to airline, helicopter and charter operations, so that we will not teach you anything that you will have to un-learn later.

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Apart from PPL & CPL flight training we also provide a range of advanced instruction services, instructor training, language proficiency ratings and instrument proficiency checks.

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